08 January 2006

Making a cloud


18 November 2005

Robot brain

i am selling an enslaved robots' brain through ebay.
Happy bidding!


06 November 2005

Go speak to the wind


You are free to speak your mind with her

03 November 2005

Mother and child


They didnt know where they would spend this night or the next

31 October 2005



Life is such a joy I cant wait until tomorrow

29 October 2005

My Halloween Costume


I need the toilet

25 October 2005

Happy Halloween

I have broken every bone in my body apart from my skull. I think its just a matter of time though. Why doesnt anybody understand the difficulties facing skeletons in modern society?

23 October 2005


my remote control lifestyle has caused me to develop type 19 diabetes. my body sugar pro-vitamins have basic intelligence and free will. we had a nice conversation the other night about the merits of single sex schooling.

18 October 2005

Rip it up

The other half of this is lost

16 October 2005

Shut your eyes

It's not good to be scared of the moon

Cold future

In the future all contact is illegal

15 October 2005

Red face

Terry had infinity degree sunburn and longed for the cold weather of home

14 October 2005

We are here to help

I am starting a support group called sudontku for people who have become addicted to math quiz. Please send any donations to freemoneyforme@willfowler.co.uk

09 October 2005

Alfie is lost

I've been lost in this room for 45 years. Now you can be my friend.

07 October 2005


Dont touch!

Curious plant

See the wonderful plants

05 October 2005

Seeds of red forest

Make us grow

04 October 2005

Float down

Hit the floor and wake up

27 September 2005


Need some fresh air

25 September 2005

Fresh perspective

Contrary to popular belief heaven and hell are next to each other with no border guard or nothing

20 September 2005


Everything is floating away

It's cold

Winter is coming

Penguin vs Lennon

Stop drawing like other people

10 September 2005

Flaming sambuka

Remember to set fire to the sambuka before its in your mouth

30 August 2005

Learning to ride a bike

she knew that one day she would have to let go
she didn't expect it so soon

Don't read my palm

everyone is right
they are saying different things

Dreams' company

do I have the same dreams as my friends at the same time?

26 August 2005

Seasons they do change laalalala

I have decided to rename the seasons to be more american.
From now on they shall be known as freeze, grow, fall, wet.
Join me for a better way of life.

24 August 2005

Red forest

There is a child who goes into the red forest.
Much adventures happen.
The end

I have decided to make this into a story but it needs padding out with whatever and crap a bit.

17 August 2005

Disco Will meets Sam Duffy

Woo hah!
The books are printed and they look ace I think.
We are both suffering from artist blindness.
I will do a mirror check at some point.

14 August 2005

Eve and Adam

Illustration Friday: Eve dreams of eating some delicious forbidden fruit. Good job it wasn't a cheesecake or some chocolate or she would have been destroyed with lasers and stuff.

Remember: Don't touch the lovely apples!

10 August 2005

Open the window

I haven't been outside in days. I don't know what to do.


Forget me.

Book news alert

I am currently in the process of making a small book of pictures and stuff with Miss Sam Duffy. This book will be the best thing ever in the world and you should buy yourself a copy or you wont be cool any more. And you will start to smell of damp towels.

Purchase details will appear soon here: Disco Will meets Miss Duffy

09 August 2005

Don gets hungry

Don Quixote and his faithful dog "Sergeant Creme Brulee III" travel to the local shop to get some nice bread and some nice cheese.

03 August 2005

Sally Spades Episode 3

Sally Spades trips up a bit but doesn't fall over.
The end.

A glowing tale

There wasn't once a cat called David and it had a glowing tail. If this was a normal story then David would be involved in adventures where she rescued mice from caves or solved complex police cases or something. This is not a normal story though but it is more realistic in a way. Davids' owner takes her to the vet who says she is like ok and stuff so that's good I suppose. David's owner then gets greedy for fame and possibly some free money so he takes her to the local newspaper. Local newspapers never have interesting or important stories in them ever so they agree to print a story and photo about David. Someone from a national newspaper then happens upon the story and it gets printed everywhere and lots of people know about David now. This includes scientists who are very interested in Davids' unique tail properties. The scientists buy the cat from the owner. The owner has money and fame by association with David but feels guilty and unhappy that David may be mistreated and unloved. The scientists have a new interesting experiment and don't really care for Davids welfare and emotional needs. David doesn't know she has a glowing tale or why she deserved this terrible fate. I happen to know that David was Hitler in her former life and this was her karma for all those bad deeds.

01 August 2005

My fear of cats

I think the best defence is to pretend to be a cat amongst the others. Somtimes they notice though.

31 July 2005

Max power max bass 2

If you can be as tall as someone else but with less demons then you are better than them by a factor of ((Their Demons/Your Demons) x Conversation Victory Factor)

30 July 2005

Pregnancy error

I think I made a faux paus. Dunt matta though.

Disco failure

If in doubt go for it.

Let yourself go

Sometimes it's good to be falling.

Dancing Queen

Dancing queen young and sweet only 17cm tall.